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confidential,  safe and friendly platform for women approaching mid-life, especially women who may find it difficult to have that conversation, those who just need a listening ear, curious about approaching mid-life to access the  help they deserve.  Middle-age is the time in our lives that we pause for a moment to reflect.

Hi there!  My name is Sazz Wanogho-Maud, thank you for stopping by.  I am a real person, a real woman, who through pure determination and  resilience rebuilt my life after my world fell apart approaching mid-life . I live in the United Kingdom, have a beautiful family, loyal friends and I love piña coladas


2ndSpring is a platform that supports and encourages women 45+ to prepare for mid-life.   By the time you reach middle age, it’s likely that you will have experienced some trauma or loss. The death of a family member, a significant change in your identity, divorce, physical or emotional abuse, episodes of discrimination, loss of fertility, empty nest syndrome, and other experiences may have left you with a persistent sense of grief. You may find yourself questioning your deepest beliefs and your most confident choices.


“What comes in 2ndSpring stays in 2ndSpring”


Change begins with having courage to take the first step

My aim is for women at this time of their life, to be VISIBLE women to restore their lives after unexpected adversities, for mothers to talk to their daughters about the changes that could take place approaching mid-life without feeling embarrassed, for women who find themselves confused, low self esteem and feeling loss of control, off track, to reach out and ask for help and for women who feel alone, to know they are not alone,  and life can be a wonderful experience at this time.



Who is Sazz Wanogho-Maud?

The founder of 2ndSpring, author, finalist in Bromley business awards 2019, daughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie  and friend, ready to take action and help women take back control of their lives. I work with women like you, to help put you back on track. I am passionate about helping women going through the changes  mid-life can carry, with minimum stress and maximum help.

Why I started 2ndSpring

 A time in my life where I was challenged both personally and professionally.  I had lost five immediate family members five years consecutively, a man I referred to not just as my husband, but best friend died unexpectedly, made redundant, about to lose my home.  I had hit rock bottom.  I needed help.  Although from a large family and great friends at hand. I knew help would have to come from someone unrelated, someone who had experienced such tragedies and would be honest, without  passing judgement.


To help me through the grieving process, a friend invited me out for the evening to a networking event she felt would benefit me. I sat among the attendees thinking about how my life had changed forever, I was out of work, grieving and feeling totally heartbroken.

After the event I contacted the guest speaker Mavis Amankwah, business women, diversity ambassador and mentor, I signed up and completed a six month mentorship with her and began to put my life back together,  and as they say…….. “Out of adversity came opportunity”.

Today,  I’m in a much better place, by taking action and asking for help.  I received the guidance and support of other inspirational strong women that have made me stronger, more confident, equipped with new skills and most of all……Myself a SURVIVOR…..You can be too!

Ready to make a difference – Contact me …… Let me help you take back control and the opportunity to:


Email: sazz@2ndspring.co.uk


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